The A2O core was a follow-on to A2I, written in Verilog, and supported a lower thread count than A2I, but higher performance per thread, using out-of-order execution (register renaming, reservation stations, completion buffer) and a store queue
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#synth_design -top a2o_bd -part xcvu3p-ffvc1517-2-e -verbose
#source ila_axi.tcl
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# opt place phys_opt route phys_opt
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# v0 (1) Explore Explore Explore Explore
# v1 Explore Explore Explore Explore Explore
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# (1) -retarget -propconst -bram_power_opt
set version v0
# make sure synth is open
open_run synth_1
write_checkpoint -force a2o_synth_${version}.dcp
if {$version == {v0}} {
opt_design -retarget -propconst -bram_power_opt -debug_log
} elseif {$version == {v1}} {
opt_design -directive Explore -debug_log
} else {
opt_design -debug_log
place_design -directive Explore
#place_design -directive Explore -no_bufg_opt
phys_opt_design -directive Explore
route_design -directive Explore
phys_opt_design -directive Explore
write_checkpoint -force a2o_routed_${version}.dcp
report_utilization -file utilization_route_design_${version}.rpt
report_timing_summary -max_paths 100 -file timing_routed_summary_${version}.rpt
report_bus_skew -file timing_bus_skew_${version}.rpt
report_qor_suggestions -file qor_suggestions_${version}.rpt
write_bitstream -force -bin_file a2o_${version}
write_debug_probes -force a2o_${version}
write_cfgmem -force -format BIN -interface SPIx8 -size 256 -loadbit "up 0 a2o_${version}.bit" a2o_${version}