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# ac922interposer
The purpose of this design is to enable the AC922 to accept a DC-SCM v1.0 hardware management module. This enables a developement
platform for software development.
For connection with a DC-SCM, the DC-SCM v1.0 release design specifies the connector as an SFF-TA-1002 compliant 4C+ connector. The 4C+ connector is a 4C compliant connector with an additional 28-pin “OCP bay” defined in the OCP NIC 3.0 specification. The right-angled variety allows for the DC-SCM to lay within the BMC cage assembly. This can be implemented with TE 2336568-1.
DC-SCM 0.95 Draft Specification:
DC-SCM 2.0 Draft Specification:
AC922 Specification:
see OpenPower website
SFF-TA-1002 Protocol Agnostic Multi-Lane High Speed Connector
AntMicro Design Specification: