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title: "James Kulina"
image: "jameskulina.jpg"
member: "openpowerfoundation"
date: 2021-03-03
draft: false
James is Executive Director of the OpenPower Foundation, with over 10 years of open source experience across
hardware, software, and network engineering disciplines.
James brings a passion for open source and is committed to growing OpenPower Foundation's membership, community, and ecosystem.
He is a serial entrepreneur with a background in enterprise technology and has worked in roles spanning operations,
business development, product management, and engineering.
Previously, James was co-founder and COO at, an open source cloud-native virtualization startup acquired by Ant Financial.
Prior to that, he led product management in Red Hat's OpenStack group, and was a product lead on AT&T's first OpenStack Cloud.
James graduated from University of Virginia with a degree in Electrical Engineering and is based in New York.