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Academic BoF bof thumb-6.jpg [ganesannarayanasamy] Public [{web} {ics webcal://}] [{mattermost} {slack} {irc #openpower-academic on}] 2022-02-04 false

Academic Bird-of-a-Feathers Discussion Working Group comprises a broad range of academic institutions with strong competence in providing and operating OpenPOWER Cores to HPC / AI / Cloud applications along with Computing facilities.

This group has been developing research partnership across universities in support of OpenPOWER SoC curriculum, AI/HPC based Curriculum, Technology Workshops and Several solution developmens. Universities are encouraged to sign up for OpenPower Foundation Academic membership free of charge. We have nearly 200+ universities and academics across the world to participate in our academic group engage in opportunities for project collaboration, curriculum development, infrastructure skills, research and development activities.