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The OpenPOWER ISA Technical Workgroup is the workgroup that governs over the POWER ISA specifications.

The POWER ISA TWG will solicit proposals, Requests for Change (RFCs), review them, and publish approved additions to the POWER ISA specification.
Groups of proposals will be collected and published as a versioned specification on schedules determined by the WG.

The ISA WG will :

  • solicit RFCs from both OpenPOWER Foundation members and non-members
  • create a process by which RFCs are submitted, evaluated, and approved.
  • The process will include the following concepts:
    • The ISA WG will determine whether Contributions are Compatible.
    • IBM will provide feedback on the availability of Architectural Resources and may assign provisional Architectural Resources if available. If a Contribution is ultimately approved, IBM will commit specific Architectural Resources to the Contribution if appropriate resources are available.
    • The ISA WG will ensure that public RFCs are submitted with a Contribution/Feedback License per the IPR Policy. provide public feedback on all public RFCs
  • Provide a maintainer for the POWER ISA specification source for the purpose of ensuring that updates to the document source are consistent with approved Contributions.