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# asmtst.tpl
.include "defines.s"
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# c-accessible
.global init_tst
.global tst_start
.global tst_end
.global tst_inits
.global tst_results
.global tst_expects
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
tst_info: .asciz "info text"
tst_header: .asciz "header text"
.set SAVESPR,tar
.set MAGIC,0x8675309
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
.align 5
init_r0: .int 0x00000000
init_r1: .int 0x5822C905
init_r2: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
init_r3: .int 0x91B6D1A3
init_r4: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
init_r5: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
init_r6: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
init_r7: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
init_r8: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
init_r9: .int 0x7E11EE88
init_r10: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
init_r11: .int 0x7FFFFFFF
init_r12: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
init_r13: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
init_r14: .int 0x8C20BDE6
init_r15: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
init_r16: .int 0x76D0DADF
init_r17: .int 0x15111F42
init_r18: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
init_r19: .int 0x36108E50
init_r20: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
init_r21: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
init_r22: .int 0x328A0CED
init_r23: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
init_r24: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
init_r25: .int 0xAF224C19
init_r26: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
init_r27: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
init_r28: .int 0xD624B27A
init_r29: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
init_r30: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
init_r31: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
init_cr: .int 0xDBFD3628
init_xer: .int 0x89F0006E
init_ctr: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
init_lr: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
init_tar: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
init_msr: .int 0x00001104
init_iar: .int 0x00010000
save_r1: .int 0
codelen: .int 13
ops: .int 0x7C61CC14,0x7D230595,0x7AC37392,0x7E094C11,0x7E1CB115,0x7A338886,0x7C6004D1,0x7E09B038,0x7C360591,0x7E2B00D1,0x60000000,0x60000000,0x60000000
iars: .int 0x00010000,0x00010004,0x00010008,0x0001000C,0x00010010,0x00010014,0x00010018,0x0001001C,0x00010020,0x00010024,0x00010028,0x0001002C,0x00010030
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# r3=@tst_inits
.align 5
# save c stuff
stw r1,(save_r1-tst_inits)(r3)
# copy ops
lwz r1,(codelen-tst_inits)(r3)
mtctr r1
la r1,(ops-tst_inits)(r3) # @ ops list
la r2,(iars-tst_inits)(r3) # @ iars list
lwz r4,0(r1) # next op
lwz r5,0(r2) # next iar
stw r4,0(r5) # store it
addi r1,r1,4 # inc to next
addi r2,r2,4
bdnz opcopy_loop
# add end of test op - could be done here or by builder
# ways to end:
# ba <fixed_loc> - avoid reloc, target op can then branch to tst_end
# trap,sc,scv - branch to tst_end in handler
# attn, priv op, etc. - "
# overwrite the last epilogue op to avoid any crossing
lis r4,0x4800
ori r4,r4,0x0006 # ba 0x0004
stw r4,0(r5)
# get tst start
lwz r1,init_msr(r0)
mtsrr1 r1
lwz r1,iars(r0)
mtsrr0 r1
# init test regs
lwz r1,(init_cr-tst_inits)(r3)
mtcr r1
lwz r1,(init_xer-tst_inits)(r3)
mtxer r1
lwz r1,(init_ctr-tst_inits)(r3)
mtctr r1
lwz r1,(init_lr-tst_inits)(r3)
mtlr r1
lwz r1,(init_tar-tst_inits)(r3)
mtspr tar,r1
lwz r0,(init_r0-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r1,(init_r1-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r2,(init_r2-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r4,(init_r4-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r5,(init_r5-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r6,(init_r6-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r7,(init_r7-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r8,(init_r8-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r9,(init_r9-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r10,(init_r10-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r11,(init_r11-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r12,(init_r12-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r13,(init_r13-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r14,(init_r14-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r15,(init_r15-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r16,(init_r16-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r17,(init_r17-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r18,(init_r18-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r19,(init_r19-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r20,(init_r20-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r21,(init_r21-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r22,(init_r22-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r23,(init_r23-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r24,(init_r24-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r25,(init_r25-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r26,(init_r26-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r27,(init_r27-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r28,(init_r28-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r29,(init_r29-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r30,(init_r30-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r31,(init_r31-tst_inits)(r3)
lwz r3,(init_r3-tst_inits)(r3)
#ba 0x10000
b save_results
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
.align 5
# use a designated spr to save (sprgx, ...)
mtspr SAVESPR,r1
lis r1,tst_results@h
ori r1,r1,tst_results@l
stw r0,(rslt_r0-tst_results)(r1)
stw r2,(rslt_r2-tst_results)(r1)
stw r3,(rslt_r3-tst_results)(r1)
stw r4,(rslt_r4-tst_results)(r1)
stw r5,(rslt_r5-tst_results)(r1)
stw r6,(rslt_r6-tst_results)(r1)
stw r7,(rslt_r7-tst_results)(r1)
stw r8,(rslt_r8-tst_results)(r1)
stw r9,(rslt_r9-tst_results)(r1)
stw r10,(rslt_r10-tst_results)(r1)
stw r11,(rslt_r11-tst_results)(r1)
stw r12,(rslt_r12-tst_results)(r1)
stw r13,(rslt_r13-tst_results)(r1)
stw r14,(rslt_r14-tst_results)(r1)
stw r15,(rslt_r15-tst_results)(r1)
stw r16,(rslt_r16-tst_results)(r1)
stw r17,(rslt_r17-tst_results)(r1)
stw r18,(rslt_r18-tst_results)(r1)
stw r19,(rslt_r19-tst_results)(r1)
stw r20,(rslt_r20-tst_results)(r1)
stw r21,(rslt_r21-tst_results)(r1)
stw r22,(rslt_r22-tst_results)(r1)
stw r23,(rslt_r23-tst_results)(r1)
stw r24,(rslt_r24-tst_results)(r1)
stw r25,(rslt_r25-tst_results)(r1)
stw r26,(rslt_r26-tst_results)(r1)
stw r27,(rslt_r27-tst_results)(r1)
stw r28,(rslt_r28-tst_results)(r1)
stw r29,(rslt_r29-tst_results)(r1)
stw r30,(rslt_r30-tst_results)(r1)
stw r31,(rslt_r31-tst_results)(r1)
mfspr r2,SAVESPR
stw r2,(rslt_r1-tst_results)(r1)
mfcr r2
stw r2,(rslt_cr-tst_results)(r1)
mfxer r2
stw r2,(rslt_xer-tst_results)(r1)
mfctr r2
stw r2,(rslt_ctr-tst_results)(r1)
mflr r2
stw r2,(rslt_lr-tst_results)(r1)
mfspr r2,tar
stw r2,(rslt_tar-tst_results)(r1)
# restore c stuff
lis r3,tst_inits@h
ori r3,r3,tst_inits@l
lwz r1,(save_r1-tst_inits)(r3)
lis r3,MAGIC@h
ori r3,r3,MAGIC@l
bla tst_done
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
.align 5
rslt_r0: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r1: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r2: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r3: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r4: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r5: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r6: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r7: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r8: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r9: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r10: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r11: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r12: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r13: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r14: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r15: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r16: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r17: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r18: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r19: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r20: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r21: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r22: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r23: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r24: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r25: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r26: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r27: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r28: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r29: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r30: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_r31: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_cr: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_xer: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_ctr: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_lr: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
rslt_tar: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
.align 5
expt_r0: .int 0x00000000
expt_r1: .int 0xCD75F313
expt_r2: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
expt_r3: .int 0x00000000
expt_r4: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
expt_r5: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
expt_r6: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
expt_r7: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
expt_r8: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
expt_r9: .int 0x008A0C68
expt_r10: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
expt_r11: .int 0x7FFFFFFF
expt_r12: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
expt_r13: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
expt_r14: .int 0x8C20BDE6
expt_r15: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
expt_r16: .int 0x08AEBF68
expt_r17: .int 0x80000001
expt_r18: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
expt_r19: .int 0x00000000
expt_r20: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
expt_r21: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
expt_r22: .int 0x328A0CED
expt_r23: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
expt_r24: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
expt_r25: .int 0xAF224C19
expt_r26: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
expt_r27: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
expt_r28: .int 0xD624B27A
expt_r29: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
expt_r30: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
expt_r31: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
expt_cr: .int 0x9BFD3628
expt_xer: .int 0x98F0006E
expt_ctr: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
expt_lr: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
expt_tar: .int 0xFFFFFFFF
expt_msr: .int 0x00001104
expt_iar: .int 0x00010038