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promo-cta: Join us

header: OpenPOWER
lead-1: A Technical Workgroup (TWG)
p-1: is a workgroup that provides technical specifications and will help define next-generation of the specifications, definitions, and the compliance of these specifications with primary output being specification documents.
lead-2: A Special Integration Group (SIG)
p-2: is a workgroup that provides an implementation of technical
specifications with the goal to produce reference designs. A SIG will normally provide a reference design, a finished product, or help maintain project for direct usage.
header: Open Innovation
p-1: The OpenPOWER Foundation is the catalyst for technical collaboration today - fostering complete collaboration, accelerating innovation and driving resiliency across the industry. By combining a 20-year history of hardware and software expertise with a completely open ecosystem, The OpenPOWER Foundation is the only organization equipped with deep institutional knowledge and a straight forward approach to innovation.

header: OpenPOWER
header: The POWER Play
lead-1: Industry Proven
By open sourcing and developing on the POWER ISA - one of the most sophisticated processor architectures
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title: What are you building?
title: Build across the entire stack
image: ./img/thumb-1.jpg
text: Libre BMC
text: Software
url: /
image: ./img/thumb-2.jpg
text: Libre BMC
text: Silicon
url: /
image: ./img/thumb-3.jpg
text: Libre BMC
text: Systems
url: /
p-1: With its open ecosystem approach, active participation from its global membership base and powerful foundation of the POWER ISA, the OpenPOWER Foundation is the premiere organization to facilitate truly effective collaboration and drive meaningful, accessible innovation across the open hardware industry.

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p-2: The OpenPOWER Foundation is a non-profit organization supporting the free and open RISC instruction set architecture and extensions. We enable open community collaboration, technology advancements in the OpenPOWER ecosystem, and visibility of OpenPOWER successes.
p-3: Join us and see how open technical collaboration along with the support of many OpenPOWER programs can help drive your business forward.

title: Join
url: ''

title: Why Join?
- option: Option 1
- option: Option 2
- option: Accelerate technical development of your own POWER based products
- option: Contribute technical resource, best practices, and code to help guide and influence OpenPOWER deliverables
- option: Increase visibility as OpenPOWER amplifies member success across the industry
- option: Build a partner network as an active member within the OpenPOWER community
- option: Showcase your OpenPOWER products, services, training, and resources on OpenPOWER Ready

title: Membership Levels
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title: Individual membership
text: Individual membership
cta_url: '#'
cta_url: ''
cta_text: Join
image: thumb-7.jpg

title: Corporate membership
text: Corporate membership
cta_url: '##'
cta_url: ''
cta_text: Join
image: thumb-7-1.jpg