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<title>OpenPOWER PVIPR Errata</title>
<subtitle>For POWER Intrinsics Reference v1.5</subtitle>
System Software Work Group
<orgname>OpenPower Foundation</orgname>
<holder>OpenPOWER Foundation</holder>
<releaseinfo>Revision 1.0</releaseinfo>
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<para>This document provides errata against version 1.0 of the
POWER Vector Intrinsics Programming Reference Specification. These
errata should be considered part of said specification until such
time as a newer version of the full specification is published.</para>
<para>This document is a Non-standard Track, Work Group Note work
product owned by the System Software Workgroup and handled in compliance
with the requirements outlined in the <citetitle>OpenPOWER Foundation
Work Group (WG) Process</citetitle> document. It was created using the
<citetitle>Document Development Guide</citetitle> version
&template_version;. Comments, questions, etc. can be submitted to the
public mailing list for the parent specification at
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<para>Initial draft</para>
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