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<section xmlns=""
<title>Some more intrinsic examples</title>
<para>The intrinsic
<link xlink:href=";expand=1624">_mm_cvtpd_ps</link>
converts a packed vector double into
a packed vector single float. Since only 2 doubles fit into a 128-bit vector
only 2 floats are returned and occupy only half (64-bits) of the XMM register.
For this intrinsic the 64 bits are packed into the logical left half of the result
register and the logical right half of the register is set to zero (as per the
Intel <literal>cvtpd2ps</literal> instruction).</para>
<para>The PowerISA provides the VSX Vector round and Convert
Double-Precision to Single-Precision format (xvcvdpsp) instruction. In the ABI
this is <literal>vec_floato</literal> (vector double).  
This instruction converts each double
element, then transfers converted element 0 to float element 1, and converted
element 1 to float element 3. Float elements 0 and 2 are undefined (the
hardware can do whatever). This does not match the expected results for
<programlisting><![CDATA[vec_floato ({1.0, 2.0}) result = {<undefined>, 1.0, <undefined>, 2.0}
_mm_cvtpd_ps ({1.0, 2.0}) result = {1.0, 2.0, 0.0, 0.0}]]></programlisting></para>
<para>So we need to re-position the results to word elements 0 and 2, which
allows a pack operation to deliver the correct format. Here the merge-odd
splats element 1 to 0 and element 3 to 2. The Pack operation combines the low
half of each doubleword from the vector result and vector of zeros to generate
the require format.
<programlisting><![CDATA[extern __inline __m128 __attribute__((__gnu_inline__, __always_inline__, __artificial__))
_mm_cvtpd_ps (__m128d __A)
__v4sf result;
__v4si temp;
const __v4si vzero = {0,0,0,0};
"xvcvdpsp %x0,%x1;\n"
: "=wa" (temp)
: "wa" (__A)
: );
temp = vec_mergeo (temp, temp);
result = (__v4sf)vec_vpkudum ((vector long)temp, (vector long)vzero);
return (result);
<para>This technique is also used to implement  
<link xlink:href=";expand=1624,1859">_mm_cvttpd_epi32</link>
which converts a packed vector double into a packed vector int. The PowerISA instruction
<literal>xvcvdpsxws</literal> uses a similar layout for the result as
<literal>xvcvdpsp</literal> and requires the same fix up.</para>