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<title>Intel Intrinsic porting guide for Power64LE</title>
<para>The goal of this project is to provide functional equivalents of the
Intel MMX, SSE, and AVX intrinsic functions, that are commonly used in Linux
applications, and make them (or equivalents) available for the PowerPC64LE
platform. These X86 intrinsics started with the Intel and Microsoft compilers
but were then ported to the GCC compiler. The GCC implementation is a set of
headers with inline functions. These inline functions provide an implementation
mapping from the Intel/Microsoft dialect intrinsic names to the corresponding
GCC Intel built-ins or directly via C language vector extension syntax.</para>
<para>The current proposal is to start with the existing X86 GCC intrinsic
headers and port them (copy and change the source)  to POWER using C language
vector extensions, VMX and VSX built-ins. Another key assumption is that we
will be able to use many of the existing Intel DejaGNU test cases in
./gcc/testsuite/ This document is intended as a guide to
developers participating in this effort. However this document provides
guidance and examples that should be useful to developers who may encounter X86
intrinsics in code that they are porting to another platform.</para>
<note><para>(<emphasis>We have started contributions of X86 intrinsic headers
to the GCC project.</emphasis>) The current status of the project is the BMI
(bmiintrin.h), BMI2 (bmi2intrin.h), MMX (mmintrin.h), and SSE (xmmintrin.h)
intrinsic headers are committed to GCC development trunk for GCC 8.
Work on SSE2 (emmintrin.h) is in progress.
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