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The OpenPOWER Foundation is a self-incorporated entity governed by its Articles of Incorporation and has 501c6 not-for-profit status. The governing documents of the organization include its Certificate of Incorporation, Bylaws, IP Rights Policy and Membership Agreement.

All members upon joining the organization must sign the OpenPOWER Membership Agreement that attests in writing that they have read and agree to abide by the terms of both the OpenPOWER Bylaws as well as the Intellectual Property Rights Agreement.

The organization is governed also by its Board of Directors composed of Platinum member delegates and group delegates from the Gold, Silver, and Associate/Academic membership tiers. The Board controls the direction of the organization and its operations as well as providing for the final decision-making body as it relates to OpenPOWER work products. OpenPOWER is structured as an open organization of multi-tiered members. Work group activity including proposals for new work groups, work group charters, projects, and work product is developed at the Work Group level which, in turn, rolls up to the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) for approval. Once the TSC has provided approval, work product is then presented to the Board of Directors for final approval.

A Marketing Committee also exists as a standing committee to execute initiatives to support the goals of OpenPOWER Foundation. The Board may elect to add additional committees to support the mission and goals of OpenPOWER Foundation.